Monday, 24 November 2008


We say, how you start a Monday, all the week will be in that way. Well, today I would like this to be a Lie.

1) Yesterday I decided how to make my hair this morning (a really simple thing), and today it was terrible(yesterday was beautiful!)

2) 5 minutes I searched for my cap(cold mornings started)

3) ... and because of that my train went out of my nose!!! Waited for the next one 40 minutes...

4) Of course, I was late to the job :) ...

5) I had no time to make my lunch ...

6) Because of being late, I had to stay longer at a job... But that is not a worst thing.

7) Finally, in the shop one guy with a perfect smell of many stinky cigarettes jumped in the line in front of me...!!! Well, although just with a cheese, but anyway... I didn't say anything anymore...

To this list I could add just the fact, that my money are finishing :) Yay, eheh...

Waiting for the good end of the month...

Wish you not to have Mondays as me today ;)

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Colori d'autunno

Today was a beautiful sunny day, after long period of rain here in north Italy. It would have been a pitty to stay at home doing cleaning and tiding of the house, and so on, so we decided to go for a walk... In parks, by the lake... Here are some pics of what I found outside...

Monday, 20 October 2008

B o h e m i a n T e m p e r

I am creating a new collection "B o h e m i a n T e m p e r", with my new style necklaces/chokers, that really reflect my character, style and life. These two are just the begining, I think, I will make some of them, including bracelets and earrings too.
Enjoy! ;)

Copper wire squares necklaceThis piece was the first, that I created some months ago, or maybe almost a year ago. It was sold on my first etsy shop
Copper 2 mm wire, amazonite, glass seed beads.

B o h e m i a n
Copper 2mm wire, purple amethyst, beautiful sparkly pink garnet and rose quartz rondelles...
The inner size of the necklace is 12 cm (4 5/8"), of course, it will fit to any size, because you don't need to close it ;)
The pendant is 5.5x3.5 cm (2 1/8x1 3/8"), the chains - 7 cm (2 3/4").

N e f e r t a r i
Nefertari - means "The Most Beautiful" in Egyptian. This Was the Name of an Egyptian Queen of the New Kingdom, the Favourite Wife of Ramesses the Great.
These beautiful rondelle chain dangles give great Egyptian feeling to it...
Copper 2 mm wire, banded and wrapped with pink garnet, smoky quartz rondelles. On both sides there are chains, made of smoky quartz rondelles, that finish with pink garnet tiny rondelles.
The longest chain is 6.5 cm length (2.5"), the shortest - 3 cm (1 1/4").
The squares on both sides are 2x2.5 cm (1x3/4"). All necklace is adjustable.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Mad about....

... I am simply mad about boxes!
Well, I don't have much, just 4-5, but I understood that I cannot pass a sinlge box without taking it into hands, looking it, thinking what could I keep in it and for what it would serve to me :)
Here are my beautiful beauties :)

Bought it this saturday, in a market :) I liked the ornaments a lot! :)
This one - one week ago :) Couldn't pass through and that's all. It was so cheap! eheh :))
Oh, this one some weeks ago. Pewter box, made in Italy about II WW. It's a replica of some old boxes, actually, I don't remember well what seller said, he spoke difficult italian language that for me was not easy to understand :) as some of you may know, I am not italian :)
This box has a mark of rose, as I understood, it's a mark of Italian fabric that made these boxes.

Boxes together :)
Here I keep my gloves, little showls and scarfs :) Lovely designs and colors :)

At home in Lithuania I have some more boxes, as I go there, surely I will bring them here!!! hahah!! :D

Thursday, 9 October 2008

S t a r d u s t - White for a Bride

It is really gorgeous! :)
Just after this piece I understood how much I like pearls! Need to think about my next purchase ;)

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Be a Temptress!

The "T e m p t r e s s" necklace took me really lots of time to make it. But I did enjoy so much making it! And I am very satisfied with what I got finally, color mix, wire swirls and shapes, clusters, all!!! It is great! ;)
The focal is filled with yellow orrange Citrine, green Peridot rondelles, up is decorated with a silver net, and sparkly briolette of Whiskey Quartz... Up on both sides you will find Smoky Quartz rondelles,and again, beautiful Whiskey Quartz briolettes. The bottom of the focal is filled with silver wire net, and Rose Quartz rondelles. The top of the bottom part I decorated with tiny sparkling green Peridot briolette... Just a little up there are three tiny Rose Quartz rondelles, decorating the part where two focal components were joined... Down there are simply gorgeous dangles of Peridot, Citrine, Smoky and Rose Quarts rondelles, hanged on the silver chain... The most bottom of all is adorned with briolettes of Whiskey Quartz... The chain is decorated with Rose Quartz tiny rondelles, and on the back there is a dangle of Whiskey Quartz briolette...The piece was oxidized to give it the feel of antique and romance...
All stones are the high quolity.
It is one of the most fascinating necklaces I have ever done before!
The design is one of a kind, trully unique!
From left to right - 10 cm (little less than 4")
From top to bottom - 12 cm (4.5") with clusters
Chain - adjustable from 40 to 45 cm (about 15.5" to 18")

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Espresso Corretto - luxury chandeliers

Espresso Corretto is the Italian equivalent of a "corrected" espresso, that is, "Corrected" with a splash of grappa or brandy.
"Espresso Corretto" chandeliers are done of sterling and fine silver, with a beautiful woven motif, decorated with shiny Smoky Quartz rondelle. Down these chandeliers you see cascades of sparkling gems... Magnificent super translucent big Champagne Citrine briolettes, dangling surounded by tiny lilac pink purple Pearls. Just a little up you'll find beautiful tiny Citrine, Smoky Quartz, rondelles, and silver shaded white Keshi Pearls... At the top of cascades you see beautiful sweet Moonstones... Both sides of earrings are adorned with Whiskey Quartz briolettes, surounded by Lemon Topaz and Citrine rondelles...
~Luxury, one of a kind~
6.2cm from top of earwires (2.5")
Widest part of chandeliers - 2cm (3/4")

Find them on my Etsy shop here:

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

L a t t e M i e l e

~Autunno2008 collection~

"L a t t e M i e l e" chandeliers feature two beautiful sparkling Citrine heart briolettes, dangling surrounded by Citrine and Smoky Quartz tiny rondelles, and silver shaded white Keshi pearls... On both sides you will find shining Whiskey Quartz teardrops... Up the woven focal, that is done of sterling and pure silver, I have added Smoky Quartz tiny rondelles, and in the middle of them - a beautiful flower of Keshi pearl... At the bottom of sterling leverbacks there are beautiful pale moonstones...
Adorable for this season!
5.5cm from the top of earwires (about 2")

Find them on

Saturday, 20 September 2008

M u g h e t t o

This pair of earrings was made for the Wire Artisans Theme challenge "Milky Way".
Bright and white, will beautifully fit to your wedding dress! ;)
These earrings are done of sterling silver, adorned with the wavy ornament wrapped into pure tiny silver wire, with some tiny silver beads around. Down there are flowing cascades of beautiful white freshwater pearls... It's great to wear them, they have a perfect weight!
The hoops are sterling silver.
2.5cm x 3.5cm

Available at my etsy shop here:

and on my personal site:

Monday, 15 September 2008

M y s t i c W a t e r s - Sterling Silver, Sapphires - pendant

Silver wire wrapped pendant, with beautiful Water Sapphire briolette in the center of the pendant, Sapphire rondelles, and silver beads.Hangs on a tiny yet strong and beautiful sterling silver chain, with a handmade closure.Oxidized for more mystery look.There are matching earrings „Marmores Falls“ you see in the pictures, they are listed in my shop too. (This price do not include earrings)Measurements:Pendant – 3 cmChain – 43 cmWatery, mystic, and so ancient, it seems it has the story to tell...
You can buy them on Etsy shop here:
Or on my personal site:

Friday, 22 August 2008

G o l d e n A f r i c a - sterling silver earrings

"G o l d e n A f r i c a" is an entrance for The Wire Artisans Guild theme challenge "Africa"
Firstly I shaped a drop of wire and carefully wrapped it with a tiny sterling silver wire, then the middle of the "drop" I adorned with beautiful golden honey Citrine briolettes. The second step(but not the easiest! :) ) was to make dangles for my earrings. Lots of work hammering and smoothing these dangles! I had to remake them few times, each time making them more flat and similar to each other. Finally, after hard job I polished them, to give more shine to silver. I love how these hot Golden Honey Citrine briolettes shine there, together with my dangles!

6 cm from the top of earwires(almost 2.5 inches)The dangles - almost 3 cm(about 1 inch)

Find them here:

A r o m a d i L a v a n d a - necklace and bracelet

Lovely wrapped sterling silver necklace, adorned with beautiful amethyst rondelles, and pearls... And here is the matching bracelet, with clusters of amethysts, topaz, and water sapphire...
Find them here:

Friday, 18 July 2008

Lime Frost

The focal has been carefully woven and wrapped with the tiny sterling silver wire, and then decorated with swirl motif, that has a beautiful tiny rondelle of Lime Green Peridot grade AAA. Below I added a juicy greenish Oro Verde Quartz briolette, and on both sides of it - two Lime Green Peridot briolettes AAA flowless.
Altogether this piece gives an amazing sparkling!
Size is almost 5 cm (2 inches)
You can buy them here on etsy:
or on my personal site: