Sunday, 5 October 2008

Espresso Corretto - luxury chandeliers

Espresso Corretto is the Italian equivalent of a "corrected" espresso, that is, "Corrected" with a splash of grappa or brandy.
"Espresso Corretto" chandeliers are done of sterling and fine silver, with a beautiful woven motif, decorated with shiny Smoky Quartz rondelle. Down these chandeliers you see cascades of sparkling gems... Magnificent super translucent big Champagne Citrine briolettes, dangling surounded by tiny lilac pink purple Pearls. Just a little up you'll find beautiful tiny Citrine, Smoky Quartz, rondelles, and silver shaded white Keshi Pearls... At the top of cascades you see beautiful sweet Moonstones... Both sides of earrings are adorned with Whiskey Quartz briolettes, surounded by Lemon Topaz and Citrine rondelles...
~Luxury, one of a kind~
6.2cm from top of earwires (2.5")
Widest part of chandeliers - 2cm (3/4")

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  1. Hi Asta, thanks for the comment on my blog. How long have you been living in Como?

  2. Hi Ann!
    Thanks for writing back, I tried to find you again, but I couldn't :)
    I am here now for little more than 2 years. Yes, it seems we are really not so far each other ;)