Friday, 30 May 2008

My newest earrings

Yesterday i finished wrapping maybe the most tinnest smallest earrings i have done till now! :) I enjoyed a lot... :) Here i am giving them for your justice...


Tiny shiny silver earrings... So cute and light!They are done of silver, with a beautiful ornament on the focal, and a tiny reg garnet bead on the hook. Down there is a smoky quartz briolettes, adorned with tiny Lemon Topaz rondelles and red Garnets.Hooks are 21 gauge(0.7 mm).
They measure 4 cm(~1.6 inches)


Available on my new Etsy Shop:

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Silver Hearts earrings

Here i give to your justice 2 days of intensive job... It is 28 gauge, wrapped on 26gauge silver wire.
1) Silver wire;
2) Smoky quartz briolettes.
I am still thinking to oxidize or not.. Though i like them even in this way :)
They measure 4.5 cm without earwires (with them - 6 cm).
Here are those beauties:

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Silvery Silver Jewels! ;)

And these are my latest! :)
"Grapes" - because they look like a cluster of grapes! :)I took two big beautiful light blue glass beads 15mm, and adored them with with small faceted shiny beads, and some mate blue beads. All is in sterling silver.
2.5 cm from the bottom of a hook (~1 inch)
4.5 cm from the top of a hook (1.8 inches)

Silver Flower Summer Parade
This is an adorable jewel for summer! Three kind of flower blossoms, all 15, 12 and 6 mm, adorned with beautiful faceted smoky quartz teardrop briolettes, carefully wrapped into silver wire. They are so light, delicate and elegant!
Measures 4.5 cm from the bottom of the hook;together with hook its 6.5 cm.

Catch a Pearl in a Depth of the SeaThese beauties are made of 2 elements, the wavy one joined to the square frame wrapping it with solid silver wire and inserting pearls, hooks are handmade solid silver.
Size - 4 cm x 2 cm (with hooks they are 5.5 cm)

Night Swings
Light and shiny, tiny and delight earrings!I put silver, beautiful black onyx briolette beads, that are surrounded by black agate faced beads, tiny and beautiful ... Hooks are handmade, hammered, the base of earring is hammered and wraped.
Briolettes - 16mm;
beads ------ 4mm;
Earrings measure 4,5 cm, with hook.

Moony Dangles
Swing, little moon!
Silver, opalite, crystals - that's how I have made them.
Size - 5.5 cm, with a hook.

Opalite earrings
Beautiful earrings, made of sterling silver, adored with opalite faced beads, faced crystal rondelles, and sea blue swarovski crystals. Hooks are silver, but if you would like to change to different shape, just convo me, and it will be done! ;)Pictures really dont make the real justice on them, earrings are so pretty!
These dangle earrings measure almost 4 cm.

Hematite pendant
This beautiful black-silver gray hematite piece is wrapped in a silver 925 wire of 1mm and 0.4mm wide. Mineral has no hole, but it is very stable kept by wire, and no eny possibility to loose it.Sizes:3.5cm x 2.5cm

Turquoise Pendant
This pendant contains solid silver 925 round wire, and turquoise stone. Pendant is without chain, so you can hang it on your prefered one.
Measurements:stone 3.7cmx2.5cm (widest parts)All pendant is 4 cm height.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Some earrings


This beautiful field flower will always stay in my memory as a summer, soft wind on my face, smell of hay in the field, and unforgettable moments...
I wrapped these earrings thinking of bluets, added light blue glass beads, some darker, some bigger... i gave a feeling of that summer i have in my mind, which i will never forget... :)
Materials i used:
silver plated wire;
blue glass beads, that have various forms-some are round, some similar to rondelles;
hexagonal blue tone beads;
faceted round blue shiny glass beads.
from the bottom of the hook - 3.5 cm (~1.4 inch)
with hook - 5.5 cm(~2 inch)


These beauties are not for sale, i did them for me :)
I always make just for others, and forget myself, so i decided to make a little gift for me too ;)

Spring's Green Leaf Earrings

Spring fresh green colour, nature forms, like a new leaf coming to say "Hallo Spring"! ;)
Made of silver plated wire, hooks too. Thank you! They measure 8.5 cm with a hook.

Tiny Sweet Pink Roses

Those tiny sweet little roses! I love them :)
Made of copper and pink quartz, covered with antique bronze caps. Hooks are hamered.
Size - 4 cm with hook (the hook - 1,8 cm)

Monday, 19 May 2008

Copper beauties

Jade and Crystals

Beautiful waved jade stone, beaded and wrapped with greenish crystal sticks, and crackle round crystals, looks very attractive and sexy ;) Handmade clasp, all made of copper wire.
Size - 37.5 cm (size can be adjusted if needed)

First Violet of the Spring

This pretty necklace - pendant is made up by inspiration of the first flower of the spring - Violet. Maybe just in my country, or maybe in some others too, this flower is first to welcome the Spring! It is beautiful.
So, it contains a handmade chain from copper wire, hammered closure and upper detail of a pendant(i really love how hammered details loook, of course, not my neighbours, heheh :) ), icy crystals and blue seed beads arround leaves of this beautiful flower...
Spring, Flowers, Love!
Sizes:Blossom - 4.5 cm;All pendant - 8.5 cm;Chain - 38.5 cm.

Sweet Blossoms

These cute swinging sweeties are handmade absolutely! First of all, on a copper plate i draw a shape of filigree that i wanted for my earrings, i cuted and drilled the little holes. A lot of job and heart i have put to treat the surface (sandpaper, file, dremel, cleaning cream...).For to give a sweet taste, i have chosen those beautiful creamy pearls... Hooks are handmade, hammered and smoothened. They give a specific look. Earrings measure 5 cm.

Copper Leaves Necklace

Elegant necklace, made wraping wire into leaf shape, and adding a glass bead on the pendant. Perfect sence of autumn. Size - 45 cm around Your neck, pendant - 4x3 cm, with bead.

Triangles Cuff

This cuff made of copper wire, 2mm and 0.6 mm wide, wrapping with crystals, giving it a shape of triangles.

Flower Bracelet

Made of copper, glass beads, and lots of patient :)
Looks beautiful on hand, and remembers spring...

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Some new pieces

Laurel pendant

That is what it reminds me of. A Laurel leaf, simbol af a victory and glory ... History of it comes from Greek Mythology. The origin of the associations of the name are Greek, where laurel is "dhafni", named for the myth of the nymph Daphne.

Wrapped into copper, holds a lot of small glass beads, green and as always beautiful aventurine, in the middle of the pendant - long crystal bead with green traces. The chain is double, closes with a handmade closure.The pendant measures 6cm x 3,2cm + additional pendant upper part, connected to a chain, about 1,5cm.Chain - 52cm

Pearls in the Heart

The Heart is full of crystals, and holds a beautiful creamy white pearl. The chain is absolutely handmade, lot of work and wire :) The pendant is 5cm x 3.5cm;Chain length - 70 cmNo closure, it can be easily put over the head.If you would like, i can modify it by adding a closure, or changing the length of chain.All is made of copper wire, various gauges.