Sunday, 9 November 2008

Colori d'autunno

Today was a beautiful sunny day, after long period of rain here in north Italy. It would have been a pitty to stay at home doing cleaning and tiding of the house, and so on, so we decided to go for a walk... In parks, by the lake... Here are some pics of what I found outside...


  1. Beautiful!

    It is different than here.

    I guess I could say the characters are the same, but costumes vary... Or is it the other way around?

    What is the green thorny thing for example?

  2. Thank you! :)

    Well, I have noticed too that it is little different from our countries at Baltic (I am lithuanian), nature is diferent, 2000 kilometers anyway :)

    And that green thing is a conker, but we have them too, just a little different shape :)
    For me too that was strange :)

  3. Wow these snaps were really stunning !

  4. Thanks so much!!! :) A joy to hear that :)

  5. beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing! Italy must be beautiful this tiem of year too!