Sunday, 12 October 2008

Mad about....

... I am simply mad about boxes!
Well, I don't have much, just 4-5, but I understood that I cannot pass a sinlge box without taking it into hands, looking it, thinking what could I keep in it and for what it would serve to me :)
Here are my beautiful beauties :)

Bought it this saturday, in a market :) I liked the ornaments a lot! :)
This one - one week ago :) Couldn't pass through and that's all. It was so cheap! eheh :))
Oh, this one some weeks ago. Pewter box, made in Italy about II WW. It's a replica of some old boxes, actually, I don't remember well what seller said, he spoke difficult italian language that for me was not easy to understand :) as some of you may know, I am not italian :)
This box has a mark of rose, as I understood, it's a mark of Italian fabric that made these boxes.

Boxes together :)
Here I keep my gloves, little showls and scarfs :) Lovely designs and colors :)

At home in Lithuania I have some more boxes, as I go there, surely I will bring them here!!! hahah!! :D


  1. I love boxes, too, and yours are GORGEOUS!

  2. Thanks, Tammy!!! :) They became my second passion after jewelry :)

  3. Yes boxes are very addictive!

  4. Well, they are! and for me all cute small and big nice boxes are so addictive! When I will have my own house, it will be full of them..... :)

  5. Now you have made me happy. It is very good to know that there are others who share this obsession :).

    (ps - your jewelery is fantastic!)

  6. Hi! Heheh, that's nice to know :)
    Thanks for compliments!