Monday, 20 October 2008

B o h e m i a n T e m p e r

I am creating a new collection "B o h e m i a n T e m p e r", with my new style necklaces/chokers, that really reflect my character, style and life. These two are just the begining, I think, I will make some of them, including bracelets and earrings too.
Enjoy! ;)

Copper wire squares necklaceThis piece was the first, that I created some months ago, or maybe almost a year ago. It was sold on my first etsy shop
Copper 2 mm wire, amazonite, glass seed beads.

B o h e m i a n
Copper 2mm wire, purple amethyst, beautiful sparkly pink garnet and rose quartz rondelles...
The inner size of the necklace is 12 cm (4 5/8"), of course, it will fit to any size, because you don't need to close it ;)
The pendant is 5.5x3.5 cm (2 1/8x1 3/8"), the chains - 7 cm (2 3/4").

N e f e r t a r i
Nefertari - means "The Most Beautiful" in Egyptian. This Was the Name of an Egyptian Queen of the New Kingdom, the Favourite Wife of Ramesses the Great.
These beautiful rondelle chain dangles give great Egyptian feeling to it...
Copper 2 mm wire, banded and wrapped with pink garnet, smoky quartz rondelles. On both sides there are chains, made of smoky quartz rondelles, that finish with pink garnet tiny rondelles.
The longest chain is 6.5 cm length (2.5"), the shortest - 3 cm (1 1/4").
The squares on both sides are 2x2.5 cm (1x3/4"). All necklace is adjustable.


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  3. oh my! I love the design of these necklaces! and this copper wire is great!