Friday, 22 August 2008

G o l d e n A f r i c a - sterling silver earrings

"G o l d e n A f r i c a" is an entrance for The Wire Artisans Guild theme challenge "Africa"
Firstly I shaped a drop of wire and carefully wrapped it with a tiny sterling silver wire, then the middle of the "drop" I adorned with beautiful golden honey Citrine briolettes. The second step(but not the easiest! :) ) was to make dangles for my earrings. Lots of work hammering and smoothing these dangles! I had to remake them few times, each time making them more flat and similar to each other. Finally, after hard job I polished them, to give more shine to silver. I love how these hot Golden Honey Citrine briolettes shine there, together with my dangles!

6 cm from the top of earwires(almost 2.5 inches)The dangles - almost 3 cm(about 1 inch)

Find them here:

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