Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Favola d'Oceano... oxidized silver chandeliers, with sky blue topaz, apatite, pearls...

I'll tell you a tale...

What can be more dreamy than a Tale, told by the Ocean?.. I think, just these beauties! So rich Sky Blue Topaz, and Ocean Green Apatite sways on silver swirls of these earrings, and a beautiful shiny White Pearl is safe in their embrace... Little up you will find tiny silver beads, and on the upper part of the earring there are two little beautiful Topaz rondelles...
Very Romantic, and very Dreamy!For to give an antique look i oxidized them lightly.
From the top of the Bali silver hook they measure 5.5 cm (~2.2 inches)

You will find them in my Etsy shop:


  1. Wow those are amazing! I love the design- they are so pretty. I'll fav your shop! :)

  2. Oh, thank you so much!
    Your cuisine is just great... :)
    I was dying watching all those beauties in your blog!
    I added it to my lists ;)